Strexm V2 has landed and rebranded as Player Create! Check it out here.

Why Strexm?

Beautiful Overlays

Every overlay is handcrafted with creativity, love, and optimised to work with the web.

Each overlay works out of the box and can be manipulated to your exact needs.


What makes Strexm special is that all of our overlays are fully dynamic.

You can change your stream's content at any time through our intuitive online editor. It's quick, easy and doesn't require any specialised software.

Completely Modular

Strexm is completely modular. Simply turn elements off at the flick of a switch and watch them disappear.

You'll no longer have those awkward empty boxes that you don't know how to get rid of.

Favourite Games

We've worked hard to ensure there's an overlay perfect for you; choose from a number of different overlays from across a number of games.

Can't find your favourite game? No worries, contact us today and we'll do our best to change that.

Alerts Integrated

The beauty of Strexm is that all of our overlays come built in with follower, subscriber, donation and even host alerts.

They're fully customisable and you'll be able to get going straight away.

Totally Free

We pride ourselves in offering you a totally free service and you'll never have to part with a penny, if you don't want to.

It's our belief that streaming should be fun, simple, and inexpensive.

Social Presets

We're all about unique features. Tweet to your heart's content at the right time.

Create social presets that you can send directly to Twitter as and when you're ready to.

Helpful Support

Our primary goal is to improve the quality of your stream as well as everyone elses. No matter the issue, we'd love to help.

Drop us a support ticket and we'll guide you through your issue until you're satisfied.

...and more

There are hundreds of reasons to use Strexm and we've listed only just a few of them.

Why not discover the rest for yourself? Connect today. Get Strexmised.

Getting started takes only seconds...


Start by connecting to Strexm with just your Twitch account. It's easy and painless!

Choose a free overlay

Select an overlay from our vast library without spending a single penny.

Start streaming

Copy your unique overlay link into OBS or XSplit and watch your stream's quality improve tenfold.