Houston, Strexm V2 has landed!

We've gone up a level! Strexm and its new version, now known as Player Create, is live and rockin! This version has been the culmination of months of work, and is a huge step up from what you see today. Find out more.

We've added lots of cool new shiz!

  • Simple but complete Editor with total control.
  • Goals, counts, labels, timers - every widget you'll ever need.
  • Start, intermission and in-game designs for every overlay...
  • ...or just create your own, if you're feeling that way.
  • Full Twitch, YouTube Gaming and Mixer support.
  • Gamewisp integration for added omgwow.

11th Oct

You and anyone else can access the Player Create Open Beta.

30th Oct

Strexm V1 only accessible to existing users. New users must use Player Create.

15th Dec

Strexm closed - you must have moved everything over to Player Create.