Strexm V2 has landed and rebranded as Player Create! Check it out here.

How it all started

Strexm was built with only one primary mission in mind. To make streaming more accessible and beautiful. Crafting stunning graphics takes time, money, and a creative vibe. Not everyone has that, hence Strexm, a free and innovative platform that enables you to choose from a vast array of designs and manage them through one, simple and intuitive, online dashboard. You can hide the elements you don't want and edit the contents of your stream without the need of any graphics software. It couldn't be simpler.

Developed by two streaming veterans from the UK, we have bundles of experience in professional streaming and to date have completed work for ESL, MCM Comic Con, GAME, EA, 2K and many, many more. Not only can we help build the perfect stream for you, we can provide guidance and support throughout your journey so that you engage your audience to the fullest, getting the content you need to get across in the most elegant way.

We believe streaming should be simple and beautiful. Providing just graphics is an outdated solution that suits only the minority. Ensuring everyone can utilise the full power of creativity is our mission. We are Strexm.

The beauty about Strexm is that it works for just about anyone and anything, and can be tailored to manipulate your exact needs. Whether you're just beginning your streaming journey, are an accomplished, high-profile streamer, or you are looking at running a tournament, Strexm has a solution. And what's best is that because it's made by us, it'll not only be beautiful, it'll also be painstakingly easy to update and manage.